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The year of wearable computing started early

The year of wearable computing started early

Business News reports that Founder and Chairman of Consumer Electronics Distributor Widget UK Ltd, Mark Needham, examines the electronics market and the rise of a niche consumable, wearable computing.

Taken as a whole, retail spending on consumer electronics is expected to be flat or slightly declining in 2013, as the market for flat screen televisions reaches saturation and spending on home PCs decline.

But within that overall trend, there will be categories of products which grow in sales. Wearable computing which monitors fitness, health, activity or other bodily functions will be one of the fastest growing segments with sales expected to at least double from 2013 over 2012.

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Aussies keen to welcome wearable tech overlords

Aussies keen to welcome wearable tech overlords

Farrha Khan reports that with the emergence of Google Glass and smartwatches, technology analysis firm Telsyte has revealed that nearly a quarter of Australians are becoming increasingly more open to wearable technology.

Wearable technology, or “smart accessories”, includes glasses, wristbands and watches that can send and receive information from smartphones.

Paired with a smartphone, smart accessories have so far been used for alerts, geo-tagging and fitness and health monitoring, but it is a developing market. Google Glass, for example, could be used for “lifelogging”.

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Brits ready to embrace wearable tech, study claims

Brits ready to embrace wearable tech, study claims

Sophie Curtis reports that research has revealed that 8 million people in Britain are already using wearables.

Wearable technology is widely predicted to be the next big wave in mobility, with innovations like the Pebble watch and Google Glass providing a glimpse of what the future could look like. But new research has revealed that 8 million people in Britain are already using wearables, and 16 million are planning to use them when they become more widely available.

Of those that are already using the wearable technology in Britain, 71 percent believe that it has enhanced their lives, according to the survey of 4,000 adults carried out by the University of London on behalf of Rackspace. Users in the US are even more enthusiastic, with 82 percent of those surveyed claiming the same.

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Google Glass Is Only The Beginning Of Cloud-Powered Wearable Technology, Survey Suggests

Google Glass Is Only The Beginning Of Cloud-Powered Wearable Technology, Survey Suggests

Joe McKendrick reports that there’s been quite a brouhaha over Google Glass, from proponents seeing the cloud-enabled glasses as a new way to navigate through the world, to detractors concerned about the potential invasion of privacy, not to mention the fact that it might be literally too much in-your-face technology.

But Google Glass may be just one of many initiatives toward wearable clouds for everyone, says a new study commissioned by Rackspace, conducted in collaboration with the Centre for Creative and Social Technology (CAST). The research was based on in-depth profiling of 26 individuals using wearable technology, along with a more general survey of 4,000 US and UK adults.

Along with cloud-enabled headgear, wearable technology may also include fitness monitors, smart watches and wearable cameras (examples listed at the bottom of this page). The study’s authors, Drs. Chris Brauer and Jennifer Barth, both with CAST, report key findings from the research:

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2013: The Year Of Wearable Computing And Data-Driven Healthy Lifestyles

2013: the year of wearable computing and data-driven healthy lifestyles

According to Celia Brown, it’s been six months since I made the cliché New Year’s Resolution … lose weight, get in shape – you know the drill. This is an annual event for millions of us who sign up for Weight Watchers and gym memberships in early January and are back to former routines by February.

This year, however, will be different for many because 2013 has been dubbed the year of wearable computing and explosive growth has already been noted in the fitness and health technology space. “Wearable computing is emerging as the type of significant technology shift that will drive innovation in the way personal computing did in the 1980s or mobile computing and tablets are doing currently”, said Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker at the All Things D conference.

Wearable Tech Brings Health Benefits

wearable tech brings health benefits

Ben Rooney reports that wearable devices that measure a user’s fitness may deepen the digital divide in society, with those willing to adopt such devices able to access lower health premiums, while those with poor media literacy may be excluded, said the author of a report published Tuesday.

Chris Brauer, author of “The Human Cloud: wearable technology from novelty to production,” said devices that can be used to measure and log your lifestyle can put adopters in a strong position to negotiate their insurance and other benefits.

“We are already seeing wearable technology being used in the private sector, with health-insurance firms encouraging members to use wearable fitness devices to earn rewards for maintaining a healthier lifestyle.” he said.

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