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Taiwan IC firms should seize Google Glass business opportunity, says Google Taiwan general manager

Taiwan IC firms should seize Google Glass business opportunity, says Google Taiwan general manager

Miranda Chuang reports that Lee Feng Chien, general manager of Google Taiwan, has stated that the concept of wearable devices has been around for years but it did not turn into a marketable product until 2013. Taiwan-based firms should cooperate with academics to seize the business opportunities offered by Google Glass.

Google Glass was first introduced in Google I/O developers’ conferece in 2012, and in 2013 there are third-party firms and teams providing digital content. In addition, the Google Glass platform now supports Google’s in-house services such as Google+, Google Voice Search, Gmail, Google Now, and Google Maps.

Chien believes Taiwan-based firms should do more than manufacturing and as the wearable device market moves into a new era, the firms should cooperate with the academics to develop products for this market.

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Apps from inspired developers will drive Google Glass

Apps from inspired developers will drive Google Glass

Marco Santana reports that developers, testers think Google’s wearable computer could reshape education and industry.

Steve Lee understands the hesitation some folks have about Google Glass.

When he saw an early version of the concept, a pair of augmented-reality glasses that users could wear to enhance their everyday lives, he thought it was crazy.

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Wearable tech: What were you wearing before GLASS?

Wearable tech: What were you wearing before GLASS?

Stewart Hunter reports that maybe that’s the question we’ll be asking ourselves in the 2020s. The concept certainly has the disruptive potential to become a generation defining piece of technology, and the hype has given it a healthy kick start. It could be the product, or perhaps the start of a product line, that creates a historical break of the world before and after it. That said, most of the world won’t be wearing this particular look in the next few years unless the price drops dramatically, the ability to manufacture it increases considerably and the developers create an explosion of glassware to give it more functionality. So what other wearables could be spotted in before the summer of 2015?

Over the past six months, if you’ve been able to look beyond rather than through the wearable tech ‘GLASS’ lens, you’ll have seen an increasing number of wearable devices appearing on the wrists rather than the faces of technophiles . The trend that started in the US is now gaining traction across the world’s major cities. Nike+’s FuelBand and Jawbone’s UP are the two trail blazing products. Both of them enable people to permanently monitor one of the fundamental aspects of their lifestyle, how active they actually are. The trend of life logging through discrete wearable technology has more recently entered Asian markets. Currently the Singapore supplier of Jawbone’s UP is out of stock, the trend is gaining momentum here.

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Pebble Smart Watch Raises $15 Million, Releases Official SDK

Everyone’s favorite smart watch — the Pebble — just raised $15 million in Series A funding. The company also released the next evolution of its official SDK, now known as the PebbleKit.

Led by Charles River Ventures, the $15 million Series A isn’t the biggest amount of funding we’ve seen in the hardware space, but it’s impressive when you consider the context of the round — and Pebble’s crowdfunding roots.

Pebble remains one of Kickstarter’s most endearing stories. More than 68,000 backers pledged over $10 million to make Pebble the most successful Kickstarter project in history.

A year later, watches are slowly but surely making their way to backers, and the developer community around the watch is heating up.

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Pebble Smart Watch Raises $15 Million, Releases Official SDK

RunKeeper will develop apps for Pebble smart watch.

Google, Nike, Jawbone and the fight to win wearable computing

When wireless headset company Jawbone announced plans Tuesday to buy wearable sensor maker BodyMedia for what a source said was more than $100 million, it may well have marked a turning point for wearable computing.

The technology, which includes everything from Google Glass eyewear to heart-rate monitors to sensors that slip into running shoes, has come of age. It’s moving past the niche gizmos that only appeal to geeks and gearheads.

As a real business materializes around the technology, a battle is brewing among companies that want to put themselves at the heart of it, and profit from its growth.

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Google, Nike, Jawbone and the fight to win wearable computing

Wearable Sensors will pave way for wearable technology.