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International Business Times: Intel is Already Losing the Wearable Tech Battle

Intel Already Losing the Battle on Wearables

Reuters: Despite CEO Brian Krzanich going big on wearable technology at his CES keynote, ARM believes the American chip maker is already playing catch-up

International Business Times: At his first CES keynote as Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich made a big play for wearable technology in 2014. He spoke eloquently about moving from “a world of screens and devices to a world of immersive experiences.”

The problem is that the world has already moved, and just like missing the boat on mobile, Intel is now playing catch-up in the new revolution in computing – known as the Internet of Things.

That is according to the Antoino Viana, executive vice president of commercial and blogal development at ARM, the UK-based company which creates and licences chip designs for everything from smartphones and tablets to washing machines and fridges. (more…)


Woojer Is A Wearable Audio Device That May Forever Change How You Experience Music, Film And Video Games!

Golden Networking’s Wearable Computing Conference 2013 New York City: Revolutionizing the Human Experience Through Next-Generation Technology

The Woojer Prototype. (Jason Evangelho)

A new personal audio device called Woojer launched on Kickstarter this morning, promising users a new level of immersion by actually allowing them to “feel the sound,” especially after reporting on ViviTouch’s haptic-based headphone technologyearlier this year.

On a basic level, Woojer is a silent, wearable device that reproduces bass frequencies. The same ones you feel hitting your chest when attending a live concert. It’s a tactile and borderline-emotional experience for music lovers, and no headphones in existence — nope, not Beats or Pulse — have been able to replicate it (yet).

Put simply, the box translates low frequency sounds into silent tactile sensations.

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Revolution in Health Monitoring by Wearable Tech Company

Golden Networking’s Wearable Computing Conference 2013 New York City: Revolutionizing the Human Experience Through Next-Generation Technology

The AIRO wristband provides recommendations for improving overall health by using light wavelengths to monitor nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep patterns. (AIRO Health)

Combining technology and health monitoring is by no means a new concept. It started with basic pedometers several decades ago, which were more recently integrated into personal electronic devices like iPods and smartphones. Today, countlessmobile applications tracking everything from calories and weight loss to workouts and sleep cycles are available to the health-conscious, and they show no signs of decreasing in popularity.

With so many health tracking apps and devices out there, it might seem crazy for a new tech startup founded by three engineering graduates to try to break into the market. But Abhi Jayakumar, CEO of Ontario, Canada-based AIRO Health, realized that the product he and his co-founders had spent more than a year creating had the potential to revolutionize wearable health technology. While mostapps track just one aspect of health, the AIRO wristband monitors nutrition, stress, exercise and sleep patterns all at once, the company said.




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Though setting sights on wearable tech market, HTC won’t rush in

Golden Networking's Wearable Computing Conference 2013 New York City: Revolutionizing the Human Experience Through Next-Generation Technology

HTC CEO Peter Chou (CNET)

HTC is having its fair share of trouble in the smartphone market, but the company sees new opportunities in wearable technology and tablets, its two top executives said in an interview.

Speaking to Financial Times in an interview published on Monday, HTC CEO Peter Chou said the wearable technology market is “a critical segment for us,” but he’s not so sure now is the time to jump into the space.

“It’s still too early,” Chou said of the wearable technology space. “It has to meet a need, otherwise it’s just a gimmick or concept, it’s not for people’s day-to-day lives.”

Chou’s comments come as interest in wearable technology continues to grow. Samsung, one of HTC’s biggest competitors, jumped into the wearable market in September with its Galaxy Gearsmartwatch. Products like the Pebble Watch, Sony SmartWatch 2, and FitBit Force are already trying to claim a spot in the wearable-tech space, and both Google and Apple are rumored to be working on smartwatches. Where HTC plans to fit into that lineup is unknown.

Until Chou decides it’s time to jump into wearable technology, his company will be focusing heavily on tablets, he told Financial Times. HTC has been practically silent on the tablet front, but chairwoman Cher Wang said in the interview that HTC is planning something big for the space and will launch the slate when the time is right.


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Evernote CEO: Once You Get Used To Google Glass ‘You’ll Feel Stupid’ Without It

Evernote CEO: Once You Get Used To Google Glass ‘You’ll Feel Stupid’ Without It

Julia Bort reports that Evernote CEO Phil Libin is positive that Google Glass, and other computerized glasses, are “going to be huge,” he told Charlie Rose in an interview this week.

“I’m embarrassed that it’s 2013 and I’m wearing glasses not projecting anything into my eyeballs. That’s almost barbaric,” he quipped.

Such tech will not only be a tool to help us work and play, it will create a kind of psychological “hyperawarness” so potent that “once everyone gets used to it, you will feel stupid when you take it off,” he says.

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Apple Has Edge in ‘Wearable’ Tech: Former CEO John Sculley

Apple Has Edge in ‘Wearable’ Tech: Former CEO John Sculley

Matthew Belvedere reports that wearable technology will have a “huge impact” on our lives in the next five to 10 years, and Apple will have an advantage in this arena, former Apple CEO John Sculley told CNBC on Monday.

“I think we’re at the beginning of o sensor revolution,” he said in a “Squawk Box” interview. “Wearables are about the passive ability of sensors to be able to monitor lots of different kinds of things.”

Sculley, co-founder of Misfit Wearables, was CEO of Apple from 1983 to 1993.

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