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14 Things Google Glass Needs

14 Things Google Glass Needs

Matt McGee reports that I’ve now shown Google Glass to probably a couple hundred people. If they have an open mind and enough time for me to go through what the device can do, nearly everyone has come away impressed with it.

I can think of maybe five people that didn’t like Glass after I showed them how it works. Most decide that it’s “cool” and want to try it themselves. Some are blown away by it, while others are at least surprised by the capabilities built into a wearable computer.

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Google Glass apps for enterprises coming by early 2014

Google Glass apps for enterprises coming by early 2014

Nick Barber reports that a company that specializes in Google apps is developing a series of enterprise applications for Google Glass that should be available late this year or early 2014.

“We’re in the early stages of developing for Google Glass,” said Dan McNelis, co-founder of Dito, a company that provides services for Google applications.

Google Glass is the wearable device that the search giant announced in 2012. Since then the system has been in beta with developers and will likely be released to the public in late 2013 or early 2014. McNelis said Dito is developing both “Glassware” or the apps on top of Google’s API (application programming interface), and figuring out specific use cases to develop custom apps for Glass.

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Apps from inspired developers will drive Google Glass

Apps from inspired developers will drive Google Glass

Marco Santana reports that developers, testers think Google’s wearable computer could reshape education and industry.

Steve Lee understands the hesitation some folks have about Google Glass.

When he saw an early version of the concept, a pair of augmented-reality glasses that users could wear to enhance their everyday lives, he thought it was crazy.

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Google Glass real estate app enables house hunting on the go

Google Glass real estate app enables house hunting on the go

CBC News reports that a U.S. real estate listings website has developed an app for Google Glass eyewear to help its clients find properties more easily and conveniently while they are on the go.

The Trulia for Glass app was developed by the San Francisco-based company Trulia, which operates listings in several major U.S. cities.

The app does more than just display property listings right before the eyes of someone who is wearing Google’s augmented-reality glasses. It also alerts home seekers when they are close to an open house that matches their search criteria, gives them directions to a property, enables them to call or email an agent directly through the application and can read out a property description.

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Google Irks Developers with Ruling on Facial-Recognition Apps

Google Irks Developers with Ruling on Facial-Recognition Apps

David Talbot reports that the popular rap on Google Glass facial-recognition technology is that it’s a tool for creeps and stalkers. But Google’s decision to ban both facial-recognition and voiceprint technology from its high-tech eyewear also puts the brakes on promising services, like those that could help medical staff rapidly retrieve patient records.

At a recent conference, developer Lance Nanek showed off a medical facial-recognition Glass app he built that could—for a set of patient faces entered into the system—allow Glass-wearing clinicians to verify someone’s identity and instantly bring up records on allergies or existing prescriptions, without ever turning to a cumbersome PC or mobile handset.

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2013: The Year Of Wearable Computing And Data-Driven Healthy Lifestyles

2013: the year of wearable computing and data-driven healthy lifestyles

According to Celia Brown, it’s been six months since I made the cliché New Year’s Resolution … lose weight, get in shape – you know the drill. This is an annual event for millions of us who sign up for Weight Watchers and gym memberships in early January and are back to former routines by February.

This year, however, will be different for many because 2013 has been dubbed the year of wearable computing and explosive growth has already been noted in the fitness and health technology space. “Wearable computing is emerging as the type of significant technology shift that will drive innovation in the way personal computing did in the 1980s or mobile computing and tablets are doing currently”, said Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner Mary Meeker at the All Things D conference.