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How self-monitoring is transforming health

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The self-monitoring trend has exploded into a plethora of shiny new gadgets and toys – but what are the health benefits, and will the appeal last or will we sink under mountains of data?ImageJudging from the abundance of news stories, it seems we are getting serious about self-monitoring, and tracking everything from what we eat, to how active and happy we are.

The quiet revolution in self-tracking has turned into an explosion, mirroring the large-scale liberation of data being promoted by organizations like the Health Data Consortium who wish to increase the pace and volume of data available to innovators so they can devise products and services to improve health and health care.

Self-monitoring or self-tracking is where individuals use intelligent tools like wearable sensors and mobile apps to collect, process and display a wealth of personal data to help them monitor and manage all aspects of their personal health.

More self-monitoring devices, more people using them

Spurred by movements such as the Quantified Self, an increasing number of people are using personal gadgets to monitor their own fitness and health indicators, plus how they use their time, in order to improve wellbeing and personal efficiency.

Read more: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/264784.php


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